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Diwali Advertisements that will bring a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes.

The season of lights is upon us yet again! As we all dwell in the warmth of the glow of our diyas and the love of our families, it feels well deserved that everything around us is celebrated in the same manner as we celebrate this grand festival. And surely enough, for many businesses and companies that treat consumers as a family, Diwali is a special occasion to go that extra mile in reaching out to their beloved patrons in new and exciting ways through the magic of advertising. Let us at Creative Garage take you on a journey of exploring a few such examples of alluring advertising to achieve additional attention at this auspicious anniversary!

1. The power of pictures

India is a wonderful place. A place jam-packed with tradition and family values. It is a place that drives on the fuel of emotion more than anything else. It takes empathetic content and brilliant advertisers to understand precisely how intricate emotions win the hearts of an audience. Vivo makes excellent phones that excel more than everything else in their ability to take mind-bogglingly advanced pictures; we all know that. But why do we need photos? What do we do with them? What is their true power? The good folks at VIVO managed to answer these questions with this heartwarming advertisement that brought tears to the eyes of their audience. This was not an advertisement trying to sell phones; this was a video created to remind us of the power that a picture holds and the true meaning of Diwali. With an excellent performance from veteran actor Kanwaljeet Singh, playing the forlorn father passively heartbroken by the distance this modern world has created between him and his children, the emotions running through the video can not only be seen but indeed felt. The video shows us how a random guest that visits his house, a museum singing odes of his memories with his children, reunites him with his loved ones through the power of a few photographs. The theme of children coming back home after a long hiatus plays a key role here. The powerful background score, the immaculate cinematography and wonderful script only add to this masterpiece. We most definitely love the company even more now, and we are sure you will too. Watch the advertisement to experience it yourself but be warned, it might be wise to carry a few tissues before you begin to be on the safer side!

2. The pleasure of the inconvenient

While you have those tissues out, what say we go for round two? Now we all know for a fact that AMAZON is a company that screams convenience. Their incredible system lets us buy and sell almost anything all in the comfort of our cosy homes. Convenience might actually be the second name of the company. So why then did they decide to make an advertisement that shows the inconvenience of making a delivery personally? The answer to this is simple. Amazon knows exactly where they fit into the lives of those they serve, especially in this festive time. While Vivo talked about the importance of pictures, amazon spoke about the sentiment behind gifts. The video features a mother and son duo travelling a long distance to deliver a gift to a special family personally. The son does not recognise this special family, but it is later revealed why this family of strangers is so special. As much as we want to spoil it, by singing praises of the wonderful job that the advertising team has done with the story, we advise you to watch it for yourselves and experience it as it is meant to be experienced. Isn't it wonderful that a company that gave us the concept of convenience also decided to teach us the pleasure of enduring inconvenience for the sake of our loved ones? Kudos to amazon for the brilliant work.

3. The helping hand

To begin with, let's get one thing out of the way. WOW!. As many as adjectives exist in the English language, the one word that manages to make its way out of our voice boxes after seeing this advertisement is wow! This one holds a special place in our hearts (being advertisers ourselves) because it speaks of the power of basic, simple advertising. HP is a company that we know to be highly brilliant with everything they do and that's why their advertisement that works on the slogan diye se Diya jale is no less than brilliant. The story of a small shopkeeper being helped out by his peers in his time of trouble through simple posters printed on HP printers is only made better with the incredible composition of the song playing in the background. We are sure the advertisement wouldn't have hit the right chords ( pun intended) if it wasn't for the beautifully sung and composed song. HP knows the power of advertising and it's bold move to advertise the concept of advertising really makes our hearts melt. They not only focused on the strength of advertising, but they also spoke about how it helps people in need. How it can save a business, and how a helping hand is always necessary. Gorgeously shot and beautifully performed, this advertisement makes you think how noble it is to help someone earn their livelihood by representing them! This truly makes us believe that the right sentiment, story, concept, and heart at the right place can make a masterpiece. Check this one out. It's a personal recommendation!

4. Not just an advertisement

Take a deep breath. Stand strong or take a seat. This will shake the ground beneath your feet. This year one company broke all the norms of advertising and then some. This company not only touched our hearts but taught us the true meaning of "with great power comes great responsibility". Yes we are talking about the Not just a Cadbury ad campaign. Dear lord. Where do we begin? What Cadbury did was selfless beyond explanation but we will still try to explain it. At the heart of it all was a simple concept. Promoting local businesses. To achieve this they decided that they would take their biggest ambassador, the big kahuna himself, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and ask him to help out local businesses everywhere! Does this sound impossible? Yes. Did they manage to pull it off? Yes. With the modern face morphing and voice modulation technology, they decided to create a video template featuring SRK that could be adlibbed featuring any business. What you got was Mr. Shahrukh Khan himself promoting your own business in the resultant video. And as it was impossible to select which businesses can be promoted, the good folks at Cadbury just decided to keep the whole thing accessible to everyone. For free. What did Cadbury earn from all this? Love (as if we didn't love them enough already). What an incredible gift to give someone at this festival of lights. Words are not enough to truly praise this magnificent effort from Cadbury.

5. The reunion.

Great art inspires. We don't know exactly who said it and in what context but we know that it is hundred and one percent true. Looking at all the works of art we just spoke about, we couldn't help but be inspired to create something of our own along the same lines. As we all know, Mahacol by Nikhil adhesives is at the forefront of adhesive products today and when we were tasked to create an ad film for this prestigious company, we had a world of inspiration just waiting to make its way to the world in the form of content. We had already learnt the power of sentiment but had also learnt that what matters is the thought that lingers after you finish watching the advertisement. When we thought of adhesives, we thought of a bond. And when we thought of a bond, we thought of family. We decided to pour in our personal experiences and realised that most of us didn't really feel ready for Diwali. The sheer stress of wanting our houses to be impeccable when the true bae's of our lives ; our parents' visit was indeed a common debilitating problem. And that's when we realised the importance of this wonderful adhesive product in home improvement. We decided to go with it and wrote our own story as the story of a couple expecting their parents this Diwali. But this was not going to be enough was it? No we wanted a special touch. And thus after infinite deliberation, we conjured up the perfect song to go with the story. A song so composed that it would just hit the right note ( again, pun absolutely intended). Iss Diwali ko Khas banaye is not just an ad film that we made, it was more a personal message conveyed through the vehicle of the advertisement. As advertisers, our job is to learn and evolve and learn and evolve we did. Watch the fruit of our labour with a pinch of salt and an open heart.

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