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Influencer Marketing won't give you up and won't let you down!

You should read this blog! Creative Garage, who knows a thing or two about blogs, recommends this highly. Creative Garage says that this is the most definitive blog to learn about influencer marketing and its impact. In fact, this blog is so highly recommended that Creative Garage themselves turn to this when necessary.

Did that pique your interest? If it did, then you see now how influencer marketing works. In the simplest terms, influencer marketing is a form of marketing when a universally trusted user recommends a product Or a service to non-users. This works effectively on multiple levels, and that's what this blog is all about. So let's break the whole thing down into three main impacts.

A. Brand Visibility

You are now accustomed to seeing celebrities promoting various products and services on television and on the internet. Did you ever wonder if they themselves use these products and services as they claim to? If you did wonder about it, did that ever influence your decision to invest in that product or the service? The answers here are obvious. The way you probably thought was even if the celebrity wouldn't use the product or service themselves, they would still ensure that the product or service is of excellent quality as their names are associated with the company. This gives you a layer of trust regarding the product or the service. This also gives you an understanding of the company's scale in offering the product or the service. But most of all, the celebrity's involvement catches your attention every single time because we are used to paying attention to celebrities aren't we?

Now, if you are a company, isn't this a major asset? Having someone popular say that they think your product is the best. This type of 'endorsement' is something that is sure to put your company on the map. This type of influencer marketing works wonders for brand visibility and effectively grabs your consumers' attention. No wonder so many companies have been doing it for years!

B. Power User Base/ Superusers/ loyal Fanbase

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple have such a strong and loyal Fanbase? Why do consumers wait eagerly for the next big thing the company has to offer? The answer, oddly enough, is influencer marketing as well. But this is a different kind of influencer marketing than the one you just read about. What happens here is that instead of a celebrity endorsement, the product is promoted by users themselves. A power user studies the product or the service and 'reviews' it for other users' benefit. Other users in turn create viewership for the power user and soon enough see the power user as an authority on the efficacy of that product or service! Internet fashion icons, bloggers and reviewers all fall in the category of power users who have gained the trust of thousands and in many cases millions of followers. Having your product or service promoted and endorsed by power users ensures for the consumers that the functionality of your product or service is tried and tested by someone like them in situations similar to what the consumers themselves would experience. This form of influencer marketing is more symbiotic between companies and power users but definitely very effective!

C. Lifestyle trends

We have talked about how people, be it a celebrity or be it a power user can successfully influence the consumer to go for a specific product or a service but there's more to the package when it comes to influence. A quick example would be a small teddy bear that became the rage in the 90s after being shown in the hit pop song 'chui mui si tum lagti ho'. Or the friendship band that became the most sought after commodity for youngsters after kuch kuch hota hai. This is a form of influencer marketing too where the influencer is not just a person but the entire content to help in creating the influence. Called as product placement in the world of advertising, this form of influencer marketing showcases the product or the service and the relevance of said product or service as a trend that consumers would follow. Although extremely difficult to achieve if you don't have a team of experts (read Creative Garage) working for you, Trends are the most aggressively effective of all forms of influencer marketing. Trends lead to massive conversations about the product or the service and often lead to a dedicated fanbase. We still love friendship bands, don't we?

So to sum it up, influencer marketing is the ultimate form of marketing that you would need to push your product or service to its maximum sales potential. To make it possible, all you have to do is click the links below and get in touch!

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