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Mahacol Presents "Let's Get Crafty"

Mahacol, by Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. is an adhesive product that is primarily used in the construction and furniture industry. Creative Garage designed a unique advertising campaign for this product that garnered a highly positive response from the consumer end and showcased the product in a very different light from an earlier iteration. What was this campaign, and how did we do it?

Let's get Crafty!

In the wake of the global unrest caused by the benevolent virus and the lockdown that was the logical reaction, Creative Garage wanted to promote the product and render the advertising campaign for the product valuable and relatable for its audiences. Creative Garage wanted the campaign to cover all the four bases of being informative, innovative, relatable and resonant and thus wouldn't settle for the conventional. Through these concrete ideas, the idea for the series "Let's Get Crafty" was conceived. The concept was simple, to create something that showcased the product with its full potential but at the heart of it still, be something endearing to the viewer. This led to the decision of making a series of episodic videos that gave tutorials of doing it yourself videos using the product to be advertised as the critical element.

How did we do it?

It was an arduous journey indeed to take the intangible concept and try to make it tangible. Creative Garage collaborated with the best furniture designers to design furniture for the series, which would be simple enough to construct for a layman and require the product to be advertised as the key component. The designs to be used in the final cut were meticulously selected based on their usefulness during lockdown times and the work from home environment, while the steps required to build them were accurately logged. Creative Garage took care every step of the way to ensure that all the designs were innovative and very functional in nature. Once the designs were finalised, Creative Garage scripted the video series in an episodic style using the production style that is best suited to known and relatable home improvement shows. Everything from the cinematography to the hosting style to the visual flow was designed as a show more than an advertising campaign. Each episode followed the format of highlighting one furniture design, it's usefulness, the ease in which it can be constructed and how the product plays a key role in its construction. Thus Creative Garage was able to achieve both, exceptional product exposure as well as high relatability with the series.

What was the impact?

Once the series was complete and released, it was evident that it was an astounding success. Each episode garnered more followers than the previous and this unique way of showcasing the product through a different lens appealed to the viewers immensely. The timing of the release was impeccable and thus the secondary purpose of the series which was to get people involved and help them build their own furniture too was fulfilled. The Mahacol brand rode this uniquely designed vehicle with pride, thus proving that all the objectives set for a defined result can be achieved with enough creativity. The let's get crafty series is only one example of the creativity threshold of Creative Garage, but it will be damned if we don't say it is one of the best ones.

To check out all the episodes of let's get crafty, click on the links below. To get in touch with us, click on the contact given below.

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