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The Answer to why you need a CORPORATE VIDEO right now!

Climbing the ladder of success is often a task that requires more smart work than hard work; that being said, what is the smartest option available to boost your sales even further? The answer used to be a simple sales pitch. But not anymore. Times have changed, and a sales pitch is just not enough. The smartest way to showcase your company, corporation or business is now the Corporate Film!

Don't be fooled by the word corporate here, isn't it?. A Corporate Film is just a film made about your business that describes your business in various ways. One might wonder why a company would need a film to represent it in the first place? One good reason would be the fact that the online world favours videos hugely. It's true, search engines like Google or Bing and social media websites alike love to push video content to their users. And as a business, you would definitely want to be where the crowd is. Another reason would be the impact of a film on the audience.

Imagine a corporate video to be a highly compressed zip file of information that is effectively effortlessly and smoothly delivered to your audience in the shortest span of time. One more reason to add to our list of reasons is familiarity. When people know your story, they connect to you emotionally. They look at your brand as a person with a personality. This makes it easier for them to connect to you. A video that describes your story on your website is one way to get that done!

Now that we have your attention, let's look at the types of corporate films you can use to boost your business. These various types of films ranging from four minutes to ten minutes in length exist so that you can use them to achieve a specific impact on a specific audience.

1. Company Profile Film.

This video describes your company for you. In this type of video, you can showcase how your company works, your mission and your vision for the upcoming years. This video is aimed at your stakeholders, potential as well as existing customers and potential and existing investors.

2. Process Video.

Want people to see all the work you put behind making their favourite product, or want your employees to look at the big picture of how everything works in your business? You need a process video. A process video can get the viewer to get up close and personal with the inner workings of your business. This video is aimed at simply explaining your processes for the viewer to understand easily.

3. Customer/ Client Testimonial.

How did your product create an impact on the user? How happy did your service make a user? You must agree that you, along with other potential customers, would want to know the answer to these questions. The customer/client testimonial video carries out this job. This video can help you tell people researching your product or service how your product or service has helped others and made others happy. Nothing better than a good review, right?

4. Recruitment/ Induction or Investor Video.

Recruitments and inductions can be a challenging time for a business. Getting new employees up to date on all the company workings is a crucial requirement for maximum productivity. This can be achieved without hassle with a recruitment/induction video. This video will talk about your work culture, hierarchy, and methodology in one neat and digest-able package.

5. Training Video/ Health Safety Video.

As in the case of the recruitment and induction videos, another crucial task for maximum productivity is training your employees. It is well established that learning is faster and more effective through the medium of a film. Thus the training/health safety video can ensure leaps and bounds in time saved while training recruits on methodologies and safety standards. This video might save lives.

6. Product Launch Video

These videos have one and only one objective, and that is to create a scene! It is the best way to get people to know that you have launched something new and get them riled up and talking about it. You could also show off the product development process in this video, ensuring that your potential customer knows why they should be excited about it.

7. Virtual Tour/360-degree View Tour

Being where the world is in terms of technology today, you can overcome the geographical handicap named the distance between you and your clients with the virtual and 360-degree tour videos of your showrooms and products. These nifty videos can take networking and showcase to another level.

8. Milestone Video

Your business is your baby, and all of its milestones and achievements deserve to be celebrated and showcased. The milestone video is designed to showcase the growth and advancements your company has made, thus showcasing to both your clients and your investors where you stand in the grand scheme of the market.

9. Internal Communication Video

Any tool that makes Organisational communication convenient and effortless is a boon for any business, and this holds for The tool that is the intercommunication video. This type of corporate video helps in increasing productivity through effective communication and thus is a must-have for any large business or organisation.

10. CSR Video

A CSR, as the name suggests, is the corporate social responsibility of every corporate organisation. A CSR video is used as a log of all the social responsibilities carried out by your corporate organisation and to showcase the work you have so gladly done for society.

Now that you are up to speed on the various types of corporate videos that you can take advantage of to boost your business to the next level, you must be wondering where to start. Well, look no further because Creative Garage has got you covered. With over 10 years of experience and an impeccable understanding of how corporate videos are made to achieve maximum traction, Creative Garage ensures that your videos will be the best in the business. We are the one-stop-shop for all of your corporate film needs, and with our in-house production, scripting and processing capabilities, you can be sure of the best and the most affordable for your videos as well. So don't wait. Let's make the magic happen!

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