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What’s in and what’s out. The right way for moment marketing.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some advertisements that you come across along various media connect to you on a very personal level while some feel very alien and disconnected? Have you ever found the concept of an advertisement lingering in your mind long after you have finished watching it? Have you ever felt that a certain advertisement was made specifically for you? If you’ve answered yes to all or even one of these questions, you have experienced the magic of moment marketing!

Moment marketing is an advertising tool used to connect to an audience on a very personal level. A tool that allows advertisers like us to speak in the language of our audiences and that too, about the things that they care about the most. Moment marketing, if defined in straightforward terms, in the form of advertising that takes what the audience is already involved and engrossed in, takes what the viewer cares about and uses it for marketing and branding. We at Creative Garage would like to boast expertise in this because we don’t just use this tool to its maximum potential; we also know how to maximise its effectiveness effectively.

But how does one take a Moment Marketing and extract its full potential?

Here is how we do it. The world today is flooded with content across several social and mainstream media. Viral content is revered, enjoyed and celebrated like festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. Media events are as important as life events today. Just think of the feeling you have when the sequel to your favourite movie is on the verge of release. The feeling when you finally book the ticket, the feeling when you enter the movie theatre and the movie starts playing. Not any less than a festival is it? Oh, and when you’re watching this movie, would you like to taste the best popcorn available because surely this Moment deserves the best right? This right here is an example of moment marketing! At Creative Garage, we know every last detail of what our target group loves and is interested in. We have dedicated research teams for the same. We make sure that our brand of Moment marketing doesn’t feel intrusive but amalgamates itself seamlessly into the user experience.

How do we manage to do this? We answer three questions. What, where and how? In terms of a product or service, we first research what content, trend or event is the most suitable and relevant for that particular product or service or then how the product or service will integrate into an ongoing trend, upcoming event or popular content, then we figure out ways as to where the combination of the advertisement and the event, trend or content will be the most effective and lastly with the help of our creative team we design how everything should be seamlessly integrated. This rigorous process helps us create a very tangible output, thus ensuring maximum exposure. Therefore in simpler terms, we make it a point to hold the right vein of our audience when it comes to moment marketing. This practice has led us towards many, many satisfied clients as well as towards many different creative directions, thus keeping us on our toes and keeping us versatile without option.

So if you’re looking for something that would linger in your target group’s mind, something that’s current and something relevant per unit time, you have us at your disposal. Let the magic of moment marketing do wonders for you, as it has for many others.

To look at a few examples of how we do it:

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