Analytically Deconstructing the Perfect Corporate Video

A case study of Creative Garage's work for KEI wires and Cables.

Creating corporate videos or any video representation of a company addressing its persona, vision, mission, working and its milestones is a very tricky affair. More often than not, a film fails to encompass the grandeur of a company or fails to deliver the message a company needs to convey because of the basic lack of the understanding of the innermost conceptual working of a film of such genre. This leads to miscommunication and in worst case scenarios, misrepresentation of the company in question or of its intended message.

In order to create a truly pertinent representative video for a corporate entity or otherwise, one must consider certain key components that make up the product. This is the foundation of every thought process at Creative Garage Films. But knowledge isn't complete without execution and so we, Creative Garage, proudly present a case study of one of our prime examples of a representative video that showcases both the basics and the nuances of highly curated and goal oriented film making. The film in question is a corporate film designed for our clients KEI wires and cables. Here is a look at how we conceptualised the film and delivered a product that hit the nail right on its head.

Storytelling Scripting and Impact:

We at Creative Garage believe that every company, no matter how small or massive, has a personality. A brand is very much like a person with its own style of story, struggles, and achievements. We decided to use this knowledge and inspiration from classics such as Anne Frank's Diary and the storytelling style of Quintin Tanentino (used examplifically in the inglorious bastards) to depict where a company like KEI was, while the world was changing.


We looked at the company as the central character and documented its own struggles and milestones as the world around it changed.


The intention was simple but the execution was out of the box. What this format established was not only the growth of the company over the decades but also the nature of the company overall.


This storytelling format allowed us to show the company's adaptability as well as its persistence and its presence of mind in a way that was more relatable and would engage the audience with a certain amount of curiosity as to what happened next.


We also explored the concept of the Five Ms (Machines, materials, method, money, men) . A universal concept of resource management that applies to the inner workings of any company. We applied this concept of the five Ms to further breakdown and describe the company. It was this simplification that helped us break the monotony of continuous information and streamline the content without affecting the important parts.

This high level of detailing ensured a high level of impact. Creative Garage understands that to its core, a film is the strongest mode of communication and in that sense, an eye for detail means more opportunity for the audience to engage and relate to the core content.


The film was designed to engage stakeholders, new partnerships as well as newly inducted employees and what better way to talk about a company than to actually and truthfully speak about it's life story.


We made sure that by the end of the film, the viewer would KNOW the company and that's exactly what we achieved.

Previous Cases:

Each film carries its own aesthetics, its own concept and scripting as well as its own potential for impact. We have already talked about the latest film that we have curated for KEI Wires and Cables but the meticulous methodology used in this case is only a result of many previous successful products. To summarise this analysis we present to you another example of a corporate film we made for the same company that was a massive success. Needless to say, one might notice the same dedication and attention to detail in both videos as well as a showcase of versatility in terms of their differences. The second example in question is the 50 year completion video of KEI Wires and Cables. The deconstructive analysis of which, we leave for the viewer to carry out.

Visual Aesthetics:

Where most filmmakers would stop at a visual style, we at Creative Garage take it a notch further and consider the visual aesthetics of the film we are making. While the visual style is often dependent on only the genre of the film and its content, the visual aesthetics of a film is a dynamic consideration that influences the visual experience of a viewer with respect to time.


In simpler words, the visual aesthetics of a film change and correspond to the concept and content of the film scene by scene as the film progresses. This enables the viewer to easily connect with the visual experience and grasp content more vividly.

Story Began with the Milestone Projects of India powered by KEI wires

Notice the visual impact of the above frame. The CAD-style depiction of the monumental project suggests the association of the company with the process of the creation of the structure. The wireframe representation sitting in the centre of the frame is a humble nod to the product of the company in question both in the name of the graphic style itself and its aesthetic appeal.  Supported by the neon blue that universally suggests technological advancement and shades of black that help the fireframe representation find it's peak visual glory, the first frame itself oozes with conceptual integrations.


The Story of 5M’s 

When the Story has sub stories of the growth in different dimensions


You must have seen “IRON MAN” interacting with his hologram

You must have seen “IRON MAN” interacting with his hologram, so our Anchor picks up a Machine of KEI and then Narrates the story, and brings interesting emotions to it. After all, reality is always confirmed by interaction and what we wanted to present was not just an anchor speaking in front of a green screen, but a.n entire interactive environment that she was in the midst of.


Taking things up a Notch!

The interaction was taken up a notch. When one notices that you are escorted to the part of the earth that is the highlight of the ongoing narration per unit time.

KEI World Map.jpg

These subtleties were designed to create the illusion of a journey not just through space but through time as well where the viewer was hopping from destination to destination and timeline to timeline. 

Case in point, in the aforementioned KEI video, we began with a series of custom made wireframe animated depictions of various projects that our client has been a part of. Thus easily and effortlessly implying the grandeur of their achievements. We also used the colour blue in neon style to emphasise the role of the company from the blueprint stage as well as establish the brand colour. We followed this up with the logo reveal establishing the best first impression of the company in all its glory.

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